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What is Sportsloop?

SportsLoop is a digital sports media house that publishes the latest news, articles, and updates on sports. The website covers worldwide sports and aims to inculcate the fan’s perspective to provide a viewer with a distinctive reading experience.

Which sports does the Sportsloop cover?

Sportsloop serves a content on major global sports, including cricket, football, Formula 1, tennis and NBA. It focuses on well research and thought provoking piece of articles that cover individuals, teams, and events. To deliver comprehensive sports coverage around the clock, an in house team of writers, editors, and content curators is essential.

What universal journalism guidelines does SportsLoop strive to follow?

Sportsloop strives to follow fundamental norms of credibility and transparency.
●     Sportsloop produces its content and it does not compile it from other sources.
●     It produces factually correct content under strict fact-checking guidelines.
●     If mistakes are made, they are promptly and transparently fixed.
●     Before releasing any news, Sportsloop uses reliable sources and confirms them. It either acquires knowledge about a topic or event via personal sources or reliable secondary news sources.
●     Sportsloop never creates fake data to generate a subject-related report.

How do you decide on the importance of a story and how prominent it will be on the website?

The big stories cannot simply be displayed at the top of the website. Whether it be the sports covered, the people involved, the type of content (for example, news, video, or a feature), or the length of the article, it is critical for us to reflect the diversity of both our audience and our content.